100 Days of Writing


I’m going to embark on a 100 day challenge. I want to write once a day for 100 days in a row. It’s not really that long of a time (a little over 3 months) but for me, it can be. I’m someone who acts quite impulsively so my ‘routine’ never really sets in aside from something that’s motivated by my laziness. I’m not one for these challenges because I’m afraid I’ll be accused of being an attention-whore.


This challenge is not only going to include traditional forms of writing, such as blog posts or contributing to my novel (ask me about it!), but also includes contributing code. This code can be contributed to my own projects or someone else’s projects. I’m mostly working on my own todo list server at the moment so that will be the coding focus.


I find myself consuming so much more content than I’ve ever produced. If I consume more than I produce, the net result is negative in that there is more information/content that I have in my knowledgespace that I’m doing nothing with. If I don’t make anything of the time that I have here, I fear that I’ll just become a mindless drone floating through life.

I want to make a positive effect with my time and impact people in a positive way. I feel that writing more can do this. I don’t think of myself as some messiah that is going to change the world, but I think that if I can make an impact on at least one person’s life with each piece of content that I create, then I’m happy.


There are a few places where you’ll be able to find the content I produce. This is just a list of links. Shameless plug, I guess?


There’s going to be a few guidelines that I’ll try to adhere to in order to fulfill this challenge. I want to set the bar a little low at first so I can at least “get the ball rolling”. Here are the rules/guidelines for what counts:

  • Any piece of content produced must be of 250 words or more in length for blog posts
  • Any piece of code produced must be 20 lines or more in length
  • Per day means once per 24h cycle located between 0h00 and 22h59
  • Pieces of content can be “stockpiled” and published at a later date
  • Produced code cannot be stockpiled for later publishing
  • All writing must be published to count towards the once a day target
  • A report must be produced once a week and does not count towards the goal
  • These guidelines can be revised each 30 days


I think that this is going to be the beginning of a journey of self-discovery and improvement in my self-discipline, which is really the challenge here, right? I invite you to follow this journey by clicking here(Fosstodon link) or following the #100daysofwriting tag on the fediverse.

This post counts towards the first day of the challenge