I Slacked Off

It’s certainly not that big of a fuck up I would say. I just forgot to produce something yesterday. I wasn’t even one week into the challenge and I already slacked off. I’m not happy with myself but considering that I set this challenge on myself, I shouldn’t be too hard on myself.

I posted on the Fediverse asking what I should do.

Should I reset my 100 day counter or should I carry on where I left off?

I figured that the latter would be better for my mental health, but maybe that’s not the case. I was pointed out by @letthewatersroar@toot.cafe that, well, if I leave myself the slack of carrying on where I left off this time, it just makes it that much easier to do down the road when I’m further along in the challenge.

So at this point, this will be considered day one, rather than the earlier date I had just 5 days ago. That being said, I’m not going to remove this ‘run’ from the repo I have set up to log the posts I enter into this challenge. I’m going to leave what I have there but express that they were part of the ‘original’ run.

The reason I started this challenge was to try and develop my ability to self-discipline. Most of the time I know what I have to do. Most of the time I have a clear idea of what responsibilities I have to take care of. Most of the time that things don’t ‘get done’ or progress forward, it’s due to a lack of discipline.

I get very lazy very easily and when I get into that mindset it’s hard to get myself back in. If I use a routine to help develop the ability to discipline myself, I figure I can be on the fast track to getting all the things done.