This journal entry was written by me, Branon Nolet, in the context that I probably have too many projects and commitments for my own good.



Currently I have a few projects that are ongoging. One of them, of course, is my to-do list server/client webapp sort of named genera. Slowly but surely I’m working on that. At the moment it’s basically feature-ready, but it still lacks some validation and basic security. Until that’s fixed that is going to stay below version 1.

@emsenn suggested I do some journaling while I write the app. That way I can generate both written posts and some code at the same time. Something along the lines of my kernel patching series. I like the idea and you might just see one of these developer journal entries soon!


Another project I have is one relating to writing. I have a challenge to write for 100 days straight. I’ve reached somewhere over a month but there’s a singular post missing. Since I’ve only missed a single day, I’m still within the limits of the guidelines that I set for myself. I just have to make sure to write two posts in a single day at some point.


Last project I have is a little bit more personal and it’s more of an IRL goal and that’s got to do with losing weight. An update to that post would consist of “I’m trying, but it’s a little bit of ups and downs at this point.” I think it’ll be difficult to focus very seriously on this until my partner and I move in together this summer.

One of the things I have trouble with is buying fast food. I tend to do it whenever I either forget to make extra food the day before or because I forgot my food at home. With my partner living with me, they’ll be able to always keep on my case about buying fast food.

Media Consumption

There’s quite a few pieces of media (long-form) that I have yet to consume. Some of this has been placed on pause due to another challenge I’ve assigned myself, but I’ll include those regardless. Some of these are not my idea to consume the pieces, but the suggestions of others close to me.

  • Read the whole feminism wikipedia page
  • Finish Zelda BOTW
  • Listen to the whole Hello Internet podcast series
  • Read the emacs beginner tutorial
  • Read the elisp beginner tutorial
  • Read Getting Things Done the book
  • Read the org-mode beginner tutorial


I have a lot of stuff to do and consume. I will probably update this post within the coming days to include a few more things that I can’t think of right now.