This diary entry was written by me, Brandon Nolet, in the context that, yes, I realize that it’s unusual posing this kind of question to myself.

Author’s Note: I kind of didn’t want to write today, I felt a little vulnerable and sensitive. I decided to write about something less serious. I felt like I shouldn’t let the progress of 20 days go down the drain (though I don’t truly feel it would be “wasted” effort as I will have progressed in my journey of self-discipline improvement)I also decided to try and capture part of my thought stream while I’m writing. If something seems out of place, that’ll be the “ADHD in me” talking. Thank you for reading.


In my character development I think that I want to be somewhere “superior” to where I am now. I know that that should be obvious but when I say superior I mean that I want to be able to see a noticeable difference. There should be a definitive difference where I can say something like “Wow, I can’t believe I said/did that.” I don’t know how much gravity that holds for you so your mileage may vary. (Who thought to use “mileage” as an indicator of experience? Why mileage and not kilometrage? Why was imperial designed the way it is?)

Professional Life

In 5 years I hope to either be in a “higher” position within my organization or moved on to a better and more courageous endeavor at some other organization.

I imagine that I’ll have a decent pay to the point of not having to worry about money as much. I hate to be saying that and I realize that it may sound like bragging, but that is truly not the intention. I donate to free software projects? Does that make it better? :S

If the current trend of going from no tech job to really cool tech job is any indicator, I’ll be a manager in 5 years?

Romantic Life

I hope to still be with my current partner in 5 years. At the moment we think about having a house at some point. I imagine if we save enough money we’ll be able to get one. Maybe not within 5 years but I anticipate being closer to doing that then than now.

I anticipate having many more memories and (I almost wrote the word much but I thought that it didn’t make sense as much is much more for quality than quantity and here I’m talking about quantity not quality) experiences shared between us too and I’m super excited to go on some trips (more than some) with them and maybe we’ll finally get to visit Europe. (though I think they’ve already been)

I’ll say the cheesy thing now: I hope that we’re closer and have bonded even more and are really happy.


I hope that my interactions with people outside my neighbourhood and relationships are nice and that I can learn to stop being such a stranger when it comes to neighbours. I have this social anxiety that just cripples me sometimes when I’m forced to be sharing a “room” with anyone for an inconsequential period of time (say under 2 mins, or even a bank). Whether it’s an elevator or just holding a door for someone, I get some sort of social anxiety. (Maybe it’s actually performance anxiety?)

I hope that my relationship with public transit gets better. I’ve been deliberately taking the longer route just because it was more comfortable. I don’t want to have to do that forever.


I’m really tired right now and I can’t wait to finish this so that I can relax and then go to bed. I love you all and I hope you enjoy this slightly light-hearted post.