This journal entry was written by me, Brandon Nolet. Now that we have an apartment to move to, we gotta talk about the difficult stuff that will take place after we move.

At one point I talk about my cat being injured and there’s blood involved, just warning the reader.

Growing Up

Grizzie is a tough cat. I get to play with her kind of like a dog. Sometimes we play fetch, sometimes she tries to eat the laser, and other times she’s just enjoying the cool floor while she sprawls her paws out to the sky. She’s black and dark beige, with tinges of orange here and there.

I’ve had her since about 10 weeks of age from a litter of 6. She was an absolute devil when she was younger. She’d hide under chairs and then run out at you as you passed by her, grabbing onto your leg with her claws. But then we got her operated on (fixed)…and delawed. Yes, I know. I know it’s bad. I was young and stupid at the time. I wasn’t educated yet.


Before we got her operated on, however, there was another operation that took place related to an injury. While Grizzie was walking on the table (bad), she decided to attempt a jump to the top of the fridge. She overestimated her abilities and fell off before she could get herself stable. Along with her, though, she pulled a glass ashtray. It cut her open.

This astray fell the perfect trajectory to cause destruction. The ashtray smashes against the corner of a chair. This glass ashtray has now broken in half leaving the insides of the two halves sharp as a razor. The ashtray then falls onto Grizze’s back tendons. It slices them.

I didn’t realize all this had happened until I noticed there were drops of blood trailing across the floor to where Grizzie was sitting under the table, while she licked herself. Once I noticed what had happened I urged my mom to drive us to the veterinarian hospital. Of course I’ll pay for her operation. Of course I don’t want to put her down, she’s not even a year old yet!

So I paid the (quite expensive) operation bill and was able to bring Grizzie home. What followed was some tedious but necessary events involving medicine. Between having to hold her down and her hating the taste of the medicine, I felt so bad. But because I knew it would help her heal, I prevailed.

These Days

And so did she! She’s actually made a full recovery. Because she was so young the healing process was quick. Today she runs around and still chases the laser, albeit with less energy.

Over the past few years, Grizzie’s always had me around for her. She also has always been meeting new people. As people came in and out of her life in regards to people moving in and out with me and me changing apartments, she grew to adapt to all these changes.

She’s had to learn to love four roommates, three apartments, two girlfriends, and even another cat. She’s hesitant at first, but learns to love everyone she meets strongly.

Moving Furward

Sorry, I had to have one cat pun in here. She’s going to have to get used to being around another cat. My partner has one and now that we’ll be moving in together, so will they. It will be an interesting event seeing them meet. I think initially they’ll be furmidable (okay last one) foes but as time goes on, I think they’ll furget (okay seriously, last one) why they were even mad at each other in the first place. We have a few tricks up our sleeves.

I’m sorry fur all those awful puns (okay I promise, no more today)