Halfway Through!


This post was written by me, Brandon Nolet, in the context that today marks the 50th day I’ve been on this daily writing challenge.


As I’ve been writing daily, I feel like I’ve started to develop my own writing ‘style’. I think this is something that happens when you do a lot of writing. I’m not sure what the exact count is, but up until now I estimate I’ve written at least 30,000 words. That’s an average of 600 words per post.

Eventually I think I’ll write a style guide but until I really get what my style is down, I don’t think that’ll happen any time soon. Especially since I have a book I’ll be getting back into writing soon.


That’s not something I’ve been doing much of. As of late I haven’t had a lot of contiguous time slots available. If I were to sit down and start coding tonight, I don’t gather I’d be making much progress. Between work, apartment hunting, gathering stuff for the move, managing friend and family relationships, and worrying about whether I’ll have a job for the next month, I have little time to think about coding. This is also why you haven’t seen high value posts from here in a while.

That being said, I’m excited to get back into it all once I actually make the move and once I figure out what my strategy to finish it off is. I know that I have to work on proper query validation and sanitization, as well as proper testing methods.

I want also to use CI/CD using Drone CI/CD and Gitea to implement my app into a Docker container.


In reference to the post I made yesterday, I finally got the Plex Media Server working! The mistake I made was related to the claim_token environment variable. Apparently the claim token expires in 4 minutes from when you load it. It was written in the fine print below the claim code.

I only noticed this when I generated a new claim code after seeing that if you used the copy button on the claim page, it would convert the claim token into all lowercase. The claim token seems to be case-sensitive then. So when I generated the new code and saw this 4 minute limit, I immediately input the new token into the environment variable. I restarted the PMS docker container and BAM! It worked.

Now I’ll be able to access my media from aaanyyyywhere :)


Today was a shitty day, it started with my partner and I being separated when the subway doors closed in between us as we were getting on. Middled with a downpour, preventing me from doing a necessary job at work. And it ended with me finding out that the apartment I was supposed to see this evening was already taken and the person neglected to mention that to us.

However, seeing that I’m halfway through this challenge perked me right up, along with the thunderstorm that’s transpiring outside my windows as I write. Even though it was a shitty day, at least I still have a roof over my head and someone I love around to share all the frustration with.