This is a quasi-excerpt from a book I’m working on. This was written by me, Brandon Nolet. I say “quasi” because I’m writing it now as opposed to having written it in the past. I intend to actually put this in the book somewhere, but that is not a guarantee. Enjoy!

Daniella scrawls the man’s name in her notepad after shaking his hand and sitting down. His brow seems really sweaty like he’d just run a mile. Judging by his stature, it seems he just might have done that. Tall and slender his frame reminds her of a young Keanu Reeves.

“What brings you to Pearl Paradigms? Why did you want to interview with us?” the man asks, smoothing out his tie as he sits down.

“I’m tired of freelancing online for random people. It’s done a number on me, and I need more stability,” she responds. Hopefully he believes that.

“What kind of jobs were these?” he asks, his tone a little more suspicious than curious this time.

“Nothing special really, it was mostly social media stuff,” not exactly a lie. “I got money for managing small company social media feeds, posting their marketing material,” that’s a lie.

“Then what makes you fit for the job,” here we go! Another big boss man trying to intimidate her out of a smart decision.

Daniella moves her shoulders back a little in an effort to sit up straight, “The fact that I can probably get your social insurance number and set up a brand new savings account in your name in all of,” Daniella looks at her watch and taps the screen, “now.”

“What kinda stunt do you think you’re trying to pull wasting my time?!” the man’s phone pings as an alert comes in, he looks down at it and his eyes widen, “If you think you can march in here and threaten us—”

“I’m not threatening you, you asked for me to prove myself. I think I did so adequately, " she smiles, crossing her arms.

“You texted me my social insurance number! Are you crazy?”

“Just resourceful, can I get to work now?”

“You’re nuts lady, get out of my office, I can’t have a liability like you here! You’ll get us all arrested with your black magic.”

Daniella looks down at her notepad, scrawls some information. She gets up and motions the man for a handshake, but he quickly shakes his head in frustration and points to his office door, “suit yourself.” She leaves without a word further.


“You don’t look too good, how’d the interview go?” Andrew sits beside Daniella as she lays down on her bed, face to the pillow.

“I went overboard trying to prove myself,” she turns around to lay on her back, “he was a little intimidating and I was trying to match him by barraging him with my qualifications, and he shut that down immediately.”

“Typical white collar accountant jocky. They think they run the world just because they work at a bank.”

I hope you enjoyed this quasi-excerpt. I’m looking for feedback and I’d love to hear what you think about this. Hit me up on Mastodon or send me an email at: linuxliaison @ fastmail dot com.