(Maybe) Got an Apartment!


This journal entry was written by me, Brandon Nolet. My partner and I saw an apartment today and we’re sold on it already.


There are a few of these, and I’m not even sure if I went over them before but I’m a little too lazy to check right now. Basically the apartment has to have at least one closed bedroom, be below $1100CAD, accept cats, and be within a half hour of my partner’s work.

The first three are easy to find, the last one is a little more difficult. My partner works at 6:45am on the weekend. On the weekend, as anyone who lives in a city with public transit knows, the busses pass much less often. Couple that with having to travel quite early in the morning, that’s a hard thing to accomodate.

The Hunt

As I’ve mentioned a few times, on this blog and on Mastodon, I’m currently on a hunt to find the right appartment for my partner and I. The requirements above, the pickings are slim. Though, because we’ve started more than a month in advance, we’ve had time to visit quite a few apartments.

Every day, more and more apartments are listed and others are taken down from online ads. We’ve been a little nervous now that we’re just above a month away from the moving date, but we’ve been able to hold the fort down regardless.

The most annoying part of apartment hunting is getting to a place and finding it looks quite a bit different from what we had seen in the photos online. That being said, I’d much rather something look different than something look dirtier than in the photos. This was the case for an apartment we saw yesterday.


So today we were to see an apartment that is on a street of the same name as that of where I live now. Because there’s a train station that bisects the street, it’s technically another street; but I digress.

We hadn’t really seen any pictures of the apartment because the one picture was just a photo of the living room, empty, and before it’s been renovated. We called the guy to find out that the apartment was currently under renovations. When we visited the place, we could see that. That being said, the place already looks lovely.

Everything in the apartment is going to be brand new. It’s technically a 5 1/2 because it’s got a dedicated dining area apart from the kitchen but it has two closed bedrooms. It’s got two balconies, one in the front and the other in the back. It’s in a relatively calm area about a 5 minute walk from the train station and two minute walk from the bus stop. It’s in a triplex and all the dwellings are basically renovated from top to bottom.

Before going into the place we already liked the area, and we had this weird gut feeling that this just might be the place. We were right.


At the moment we’re waiting for the agent to do the credit check and then he’ll be looking at our references. Both my partner and I know we have good credit, and we know our references will give us glowing reviews so we’re not worried about that. The deal is basically sealed, but we’re still holding our breaths.