Post Type Guide


This guide was written by me, Brandon Nolet, in the context that I’d like to define what each type of post means, and how they differ from each other.


So you might have seen in previous posts at the beginning of my introductions, “This post type was written by…” This post type of course…tells you what type of post this is. As you can see, this is a guide-type post. This typing actually has some sort of meaning.

You see, it’s my attempt to define the consumption context I wish a given post to have. The consumption context is the context in which you’re suppost to consume the post. This differs from the writing context, which is what I introduce each post with.

The consumption context will define how you read the post in terms of mood, mindset, and personal actions. It defines what type of thinking you should be having. For example, you don’t start having philosophical thoughts about my cold brew coffee guide. You’d most likely be following along with the guide.

I think to better explain, I should just start with the post type descriptions.


The definition of an essay is quite loose and is generally, a piece of writing that gives the author’s own argument. By this definition you can assume that any of my essays are either my opinions or me educating the reader about a topic. More often you’ll find it’s a mix of both.

This is a type of post that you should feel free to confront me or discuss with me about. I’ve compiled a few opinions on a topic and want to put forth what the result of that is. I anticipate some disagreement, or some confusion, or even for the reader to be able to relate to the post.

This type of post can usually be read in any physical place and you should probably take some time to read this post through in one sitting. The thoughts and information presented are usually written in that fashion. As well, if you’re confused, you’re encouraged to read more than once.

Journal Entry

This is one of the most informal post types that you’ll see. This is usually a collection of experience and opinions relating to some recent event or something in my personal life.

It’s not really meant to be commentated on except in the context of being able to relate, or asking more questions on the matter. I may or may not be able to answer those questions, mind you.

It’s not that I won’t accept any discussion about these posts, I just find it tiring to talk more about a post that I’ve written that relates to all I have to say about an experience. I won’t talk much about these types of posts because I find them of little value to anyone except for myself.


This is usually going to be the most linear type of post that shouldn’t be consumed in bits and pieces. I encourage you to set aside some time to follow this type of post. As it is a guide, you’re expected to practice or study what’s mentioned in the guide.

As mentioned earlier, there’s not much discussion to be had surrounding the topics mentioned in this type of post. Because these are more intructional and fact-based, there’s very little ambiguity.

I anticipate most will be talking to me about this post either to thank me for writing it or, more importantly, to provide further guidance if there’s something unclear or incorrect in the guide.


As you can see, the post types here have been written in order of most to least amount of discussion anticipated. This isn’t to say that you should follow what’s listed here to a tee. Some posts are a combination of a journal entry and an essay, some might be an essay with a guide embedded, and others might just be a journal entry/guide/essay.

You can be assured that I’m willing to discuss any of these details due to the nature of this guide. I feel like it’s incomplete, so any questions I answer after posting will have the answers added here, for posterity’s sake.