Part of this blog post is an effort to practice creative writing. I’ve taking a journal entry from…my journal… and I’ve transformed it into a creative writing piece. The rest of it is a musing on my Spring Season Theme.

Saturday, April 29th

Most Fridays, after a long week, I habitually spend some time with the devil’s lettuce to “take a load off.” I’ll also indulge myself in a tantalizingly cheap and digestively stimulating meal known, by most, as MacDonald’s. Afterwards, I’ll round out (pun intended) the gluttonous evening with the fatteningly, tooth-shatteringly sweet doughballs from a one Mr. Puff.

This night of execessive consumption is supposed to, like I mentioned already, take a load off. It’s supposed to alleviate my stress, not add to it. It’s supposed to help me feel recharged, not drained. I know that the morning after, I feel quite the opposite way compared to what I intended.

Just as I anticipated, this morning, my body cried out in discomfort. My head lightly throbbed, my thoughts swimming, my eyes whimpering at the light. My body is generally reacting very stiffly to any movement I try to make.

So this morning I kept it light. The breaking of my fast consisted solely of a yellow nutrition baton, that banana on my counter waiting to be delicately peeled and enjoyed. On the side, I prepared as well, a mason jar of a frigidly brewed caffeine creation coupled with a scoop of simple syrup stirred spoonwise and cascaded creamy…cream… to fill out the concoction.

Pair with cozying up to chortle channelling cartoons and enjoy.

Spring of Recharging

As many of you may know, I set myself a yearly theme. This year is Year of Systems. Briefly, I’m looking into the systems that surround various aspects of my life. How do I remember to do things? How do I keep myself on task? How do I make plans with people and plan for vacations? You get the jist.

Within each theme comes a litany of subthemes. There are seasons and months within a year and so I try to come up with the subthemes per month or season. This season’s theme revolves around reshaping the ways that I prime myself or the ways that I recharge.

For my to-do lists I’m trying to develop a habit to always be focusing on something “in the now.” The way I do that is to use an aptly named “now” to-do list. I’ll move things from a larger list into this now list and I’ll queue up anything between an hour and two hours of tasks.

Once I get to the bottom of that list and check off the last item, I go foraging for more tasks and maybe add some directly to the now list. For example, if I need a break, I’ll add that I’m going to stream some video or show to the top of the list and then move a few more productive tasks in the list right after.

And now, the elephant in the room is, well, how am I going to spend my Friday evenings? Well one way to recharge is to socialise. I could socialise by gaming with a few friends or going for a bike ride with a friend after work. Or I could spend that time gaming alone even, while listening to a podcast. Or maybe I’ll read a book, I do want to get more reading in this year.

I hope I get to write to you more this year as well, that can be rejuvenating. Creating something instead of consuming something. I like that idea.